San Antonio Missions National Park - San Juan Mission

 Where: San Antonio Mission Trail

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We've all heard of the Alamo, but did you know there was a trail of Missions that are now a part of UNESCO's World Heritage sites? There are only 2 dozen in the US, and we feel pretty fortunate to live so close to one of the oldest. Mission San Juan seen in this post, is known as the "Queen of the Missions"as it is the largest. It was fully restored back to its original look in the '30s by the WPA (Works Project Administration) although about 80% of the structure is original. Mission Trail Map Below: 





Like the other missions, its purpose was also to convert Indians to Christianity. You will see Romanesque and Spanish Colonial design elements and is a great representation of the baroque era in the US. 



The "Rose Window" seen below is a baroque inspired architecture element considered to be one of the finest examples of Spanish colonial ornamentation in the United States. It has both myth and folklore behind it. The first mystery is the placement of the window. It isn't in a prominent place within the mission which leads many to wonder the significance behind it. The second mystery is behind the name. The Rose Window might have actually been "Rosa's Window" In a popular told version, a noted Spanish sculptor named Pedro Huizar, charged with carving a religious window at San José, instead used his considerable talent to carve a monument to his sweetheart, Rosa. When the window was complete, he sent for his love—who tragically died in a shipwreck on her way to New Spain. Huizar spent the rest of his life celibate and penitent, carving the religious portal above the entrance to the church. Over time, this story has made the Rose Window a symbol to love as well as our need to believe in love. Making the halls of this Mission even more romantic. 








San Juan Mission is an active Catholic Church with regular services. As a wedding planner, I'm always scouting out venues and I think this Church would be a magnificent place to exchange vows - especially with such romantic folklore. If you're looking for a European style wedding, look no further than the Missions of San Antonio, a whole lot less expensive than traveling abroad!



































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