We Audi Take A Fall Drive to Piney River Ranch

October 26, 2016

Location: Vail, Co - Piney River Ranch


When we got to Vail, I heard Piney River Ranch could not be missed. I'm always looking for a special venue for events or destination weddings. After talking to locals, we heard there is a very large resident moose, a gorgeous lake and stunning landscape, and for most locals, they considered it their favorite spot for enjoying the outdoors. So we hopped in the Audi Q5 excited for a day of hiking, canoeing, moose spotting and some delicious bbq served at the ranch. It ended up being a bit of a misadventure. As we made our way to the 40 acre private Rocky Mountain retreat, we saw a storm moving in. It looked fierce! The road to Piney River Ranch is definitely a road less traveled. A windy red dirt road with surprise pot holes just to keep your attention. Good thing we had the Audi, not only did it handle this rocky road like a boss but the higher we got in elevation, we began to see.....snow! Peace of mind to have Audi quattro in those conditions! The temp dropped from 58 to 32 in minutes. After driving for 30 mins, the snow began to get thicker. We had heard local snow reports of up to 6 inches but just couldn't believe it since it was 75 degrees the day before. We realized that we had another 30 mins of driving and by the time we would arrive - it would just be too cold to enjoy all the activities we planned. We did not have coats, gloves and Lance was in shorts! Yikes. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a beautiful fall drive and captured some amazing photos along the way. Be sure to check out Piney River Ranch website. Destination brides - this is THE place in Colorado to get married. And for travelers, totally worth the day trip from Vail. I've also included some pictures at bottom of post of what we might have seen. Remember it's not about the destination - it's about the journey! :)








 A collection of images from Piney River Ranch



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