Un-be-Leafable Hiking in Vail

October 26, 2016

Location: Vail, Colorado - Booth Falls

Outfit Details: Buffalo Trucker Hat (here); Get Lost T-Shirt (here); Flannel Plaid Shirt (here); Moccasins (here)


On our last day in Vail, we decided to hit the trail at Booth Falls. Our 1st mission, reach the 60 ft waterfall we heard is a "must see". My 2nd mission, to look stylish hiking :) I think I pulled it off. My Minnetonka's were not only super comfortable for walking but also had really great grip. And layers is also so important, the higher you get the colder but thanks to my work out I worked up a sweat, so keeping my flannel tied around my waist was just what I needed.  My Get Lost tshirt from Eddie Bauer was perfect for #mountainhikingvibes. And I LOVE my new Patagonia trucker hat.....practical and way cool.  


Now that our missions were identified......Our first obstacle? Finding a parking spot! The weather and fall leaves were simply gorgeous so apparently every one had the same idea we did. Even though parking was a bear (it took an hour to find one), the trail itself was not too busy, so it was still peaceful and you could take in the sights and sounds of nature without too much disturbance. Booth Falls, is a 4 mile (round trip) hike right off of I-70, not far from Vail Village. We were roadtripping it back to Kansas, so we sadly had to cut our hike short. Even though we didn't reach the falls, it was still worth the 1 hour hike we did get to enjoy. We will be going back to complete our mission. 

Start of the trail. 

The trails are fairly steep, a little narrow and rocky. I'm in decent shape and I was feeling breathless just 15 mins into our journey. I'm of course blaming it on the altitude and it had nothing to do with the amount of food I had consumed over our trip :) Whatever your fitness condition, be sure to have water on you.....the sun and altitude will dry you out fast!

My husband caught a picture of me trying to look like I was totally managing the climb but I think my face shows I'm definitely huffing and puffing.....the struggle was real. 

 A Gorgeous Colorado Blue sky.....

Coasting downhill - whew!

Just look at that view!










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