The Ivory Swan Symbolism

Ever wonder why someone chose a particular name for a business or blog?

For me, there is a story. I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There are many beautiful parks in Tulsa, my favorite near Utica Square, is called "Swan Lake". Since I was little, that was my most requested place to visit in all of Tulsa. It was simply magical to me . I always felt like I had been transported to my own little fairytale. I grew up always finding happiness and joy in flowers, travel, fashion and design. I'm a hopeless romantic and happiest when I'm in nature. I no longer live in Tulsa but every time I go back, Swan Lake is the first place I visit. It holds a very special place in my heart. It's nostalgic, romantic, timeless and beautiful. For me, there is a simple elegance of that park that influenced me then and still does today. 

So, when I started thinking about starting my own event design business and lifestyle blog, I wanted a name that captured elegance, beauty, magic, love, dreams and style. Something that represented me and the inspiration I wanted to share and create. As I thought of different names, over and over again, the image of me walking around Swan Lake kept coming to mind. After all, that's where I would often go for years to think, pray and dream. And then it came to me, The Ivory Swan. 



Picture of Swan Lake in Tulsa, OK

The Ivory Swan is a collection of curated stories about travel, fashion, home, recipes and weddings. A celebration of all things beautiful, elegant and classic. I hope you'll step into my storybook and be inspired to find your own fairytale. 


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